Submission Guidelines

 “How to submit a manuscript to Avalonia for consideration”

Avalonia is currently accepting proposals for publication in 2019. 

Avalonia does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.  If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for consideration, please take care to read this page.

In the first instance, make sure to explore the Avalonia Catalogue  and ensure that you have read at least one of our recent publications.  Avalonia only accepts a small number of projects per year, and in all instances work will be selected to complement our existing catalogue and on individual merit.

Content is important for Avalonia.
Our readers are interested in scholarly works covering specialist areas related to modern and ancient worship of Gods and Goddesses; the history and practice of the Western Mystery Traditions; folklore; the Grimoire Tradition and alternative / green living.

We do not publish modern spell books, channelled / received texts of any description, personal journey books (autobiographies) or works which are attacks on other traditions or people.  Avalonia also does not publish self-development books.

What Avalonia is looking for:

  • Carefully researched works exploring the myths, folklore and magic of different Gods and Goddesses (all world pantheons).
  • Practical guides from experienced practitioners within the Western Mystery Traditions, Ceremonial Magic and the various contemporary Pagan traditions.
  • We prefer to work with authors who:
    • have previously published work, and are aware that successful non-fiction authors are both able and willing to promote their work to their readership;
    • are familiar with two or more of our current catalogue titles;
    • have a genuine passion and knowledge of their subject and a desire to convey this to their readers;
    • Understand that authors of non-fiction books in this genre is unlikely to be able to give up their “day-job” anytime soon!

Think your book might be a match for the Avalonia catalogue?  Great!  We would like to hear from you!

In the first instance, please email with an outline (200-300 words) of the project you would like us to consider.  Include with this an author biography, detailing your previous work and experience; as well as an overview of the kind of readers your work is aimed at, and details of any competing works.

How to prepare (format) your Manuscript:  Avalonia prefers to receive manuscripts in MSWord format.  Images should be supplied separately, preferably as JPEG at 300dpi, interior images will be converted to grayscale.   Keep formatting simple: use only bold, underline and italics, and “normal”.  Please use the “footnote” function to insert footnotes.

Also please note:
Avalonia is an independent publisher, and unable to pay advances.  Our authors are paid generous royalties on sales, twice a year, however Avalonia is unable to guarantee  (or predict) earnings.

DO NOT send attachments – we will hit “delete” at once.

DO NOT send us your manuscripts in the post – it will go straight into the recycling if you do.