Since publishing our first book in 2005, Avalonia has been fortunate to feature the work of several amazing artists, many of whom are visionary artists whose work provides insights from the world of the seen, into that of the unseen.  The following artists have had their work featured on the cover of one of our published books We hope to continue to work with these and many other artists over the months and years in which we hope to continue our own work of expanding the esoteric horizons and illuminating the sacred!

Brian Andrews is a London-based artist and illustrator. Brian contributed the covers to Artemis: Virgin Goddess of the Sun & MoonHekaThe Guises of the Morrigan, THOTH, and the black and white image on the cover of Hekate: Her Sacred FiresBrian’s work also features in the book Horns of Power, Heka, The Guises of the Morrigan, THOTH and the forthcoming Hathor: A Reintroduction to an Ancient Egyptian Goddess.

Emily Carding is a visionary artist living in Cornwall, best known for her tarot and oracle decks.  Emily contributed the covers to Both Sides of HeavenThe Gods of the Vikings (and all illustrations), Towards the Wiccan Circle, Vs. and one of the images on Hekate: Her Sacred Fires. She also contributed two images to Memento Mori, three images to Vs., and four images to The Faerie Queens. Her website is

Georgi Mishev
Georgi Mishev is an author and artist based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He is the author of Thracian Magic and the forthcoming The Four Headed Hekate, both of which have covers and illustrations by him.  He also contributed the cover to The Temple of Hekate and an image to the cover of Hekate: Her Sacred Fires. For more information see

Joanna Barnum is an artist and illustrator based in Baltimore, USA.  Joanna contributed the cover to Hekate Liminal Rites.  Her website is

Laura Daligan is a London-based psychic and artist.  Laura contributed the covers to Odin’s GatewaysSeidr – The Gate Is OpenNjord & Skadi.  She also contributed an image to The Faerie Queens.  Her website is

Marc Potts is a well-known and highly respected fairy artist living in Cornwall.  Marc contributed the covers to An Ogham WoodHorns of PowerVisions of the Cailleach.  His website is

Magin Rose is a London-based artist and rune-caster.  Magin contributed the cover to Hekate: Keys to the Crossroads, and the central image on the cover of the mega anthology Hekate: Her Sacred Fires.  Her work is also featured in the anthology Horns of Power.  You can find out more about Magin and her work at

Nic Phillips is an artist and illustrator based in Cardiff.  Nic contributed two images to From a Drop of Water, and an image to Memento Mori.

Nina Falaise is a dancer and artist who lives in the beautiful Malvern hills.  Nina contributed the covers to From A Drop of WaterPriestesses Pythonesses Sibyls.

Phil Bartlett is an artist and craftsman based in West Wales.  Phil contributed the cover to The Isles of the Many Gods.  His website is