Avalonia is an independent publisher producing outstanding and innovative books which push the boundaries of their subjects and illuminate the spirit of the sacred in its many manifestations. Our books span the arcane and ethereal realms, from the unveiling of obscure or forgotten folklore which permeates the earth with echoes of ancient wisdom, to original and exciting practices which transcend the boundaries of traditions and take magic back to its source – challenging the limits of transformation.

We explore the shadows and hidden niches of myth and enchantment, knowing that the mysteries have many layers and liminal points of access. From the charms of witchcraft to the pages of rare grimoires, from the divine names of the Qabalah to the hallowed forms of goddesses like Hekate and Artemis, come the inspiration of the poet and the oracle, the druid and the mage, the mystic and the scholar. All these are expressions of the petals of the divine unfolding and finding form in our books, fragments of dreams and visions of the otherworldly, transmuted and frozen in words by the fervour and craft of our authors.

All our authors, translators and researchers are known and respected for their dedication, passion and experience in their fields. They combine the benefits of tradition and scholarship with the insights of the innovator and the explorer; they are creative artists and intuitive technicians who cross the frontiers of convention to blaze new trails in the landscapes of esoteric and spiritual knowledge.

Our passion for knowledge is what drives us.

Avalonia is run by Sorita d’Este and was born in  Spring 2005 out of the community website with the same name she’d previously facilitated for a nearly a decade.  It began as a hobby project set up to publish her The Guises of the Morrigan, co-authored with David Rankine.  She decided to expand it into the venture it is now after finding out that she was expecting her son, as a way of giving her the freedom to be both a mum and continue her studies of esoterica, mythology and religion.

Today Avalonia publishes the work of several noteworthy authors, and many more have appeared in Avalonia’s many anthologies.  Avalonia is very excited to take on new projects by authors passionate about their subject, who are  willing to research, practice or otherwise push the esoteric boundaries.  If you are interested in working with us, see our Submission Guidelines.

Avalonia & the Environment
Avalonia has always aimed to produce and distribute its books with the minimum possible impact on the natural environment.  Digital ‘print-on-demand’ technology means that our books are never wasted by remaindering or pulping, and storage (with its associated consumption of energy) is kept to a minimum.  Our printers are based in multiple countries (principally the US and UK, where most of our customers are based), meaning that our transport footprint is also minimised.  And our printers use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, depending on the country in which the books are printed.  In the UK this is to the ‘FSC Mix’ standard.  Avalonia keeps the certification of its printers under review; they are currently certified until 2020.  Details are available on request.