Odin’s Gateways

odin_gatewaysOdin’s Gateways

by Katie Gerrard

Paperback: 190 pages
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“The runes you must find … Which the mighty sage stained and the powerful gods made and the runemaster of the gods carved out.” (The Poetic Edda, translated by C. Larrington)

The runes are mysterious and powerful magical keys to the primal forces of nature that shaped Norse and Northern European culture. These twenty-four unique and inspiring symbols of the Elder Futhark (first runic alphabet) each possess powerful energies, identities, meanings, and sounds. The runes are invoked and harnessed to create change through inspiration, healing, protection, knowledge and divine wisdom from the Norse gods. Odin’s Gateways is a practical guide to using the runes in our lives, in magic and in divination – a unique journey into the mysteries hidden within the runes, filled with the information and practices necessary to developing a deep personal understanding and relationship with them. By focusing on how to directly harness and channel the energy of the individual runes, the author guides the reader along the path to self knowledge and empowerment.

With a deft hand and lucid style, Katie Gerrard cuts to the heart of the runes, combining the wisdom of the Norse Sagas and Rune Poems with practical advice and techniques gained through living and experiencing their powers. The divinatory meanings of the runes are given, with a range of different reading methods, bindrunes are explained in detail, with numerous examples presented ready for use; galdr (incantation) and spellcraft, charms and talismans are all seamlessly explored and made accessible in this fluid, concise and practical guide.

RRP £12.99
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From the publisher:
This is an excellent and contemporary primer in the use of Runes in modern magic. Suitable for beginners and intermediate students, as well as those experienced practitioners who enjoy reading the views of others.

Extracts from Reviews:

“After reading this book I have been inspired to go back to the runes and reacquaint myself with them, using the tools and techniques that Katie Gerrard suggests. Thank you for reminding me why I find the runes so inspiring, powerful and humbling.” K. Allen O’Rourke, Amazon Reviewer

“I have always had an interest in the Runes and I bought this book because it was published by Avalonia and I usually enjoy their publications. This book by first time author Katie Gerrard was an excellent introduction to the Runes and one I strongly recommend to Pagans and Witches who want to learn how to work with the Runes. I find that many books on the Runes are either too simplistic, or to the contrary too academic and complicated. Odin’s Gateways provide an excellent balance. Mindful that I am not an expert on the subject, I would say that this book, due to the passion, practical advice and research it combines, provide the ideal book for the beginner interested in exploring the Runes.” Red Kite, Amazon Reviewer

” It stresses that learning the runes is a personal journey, covers the necessary background and then moves on to journeying, galdr and spellcraft, divination and craftwork. The author’s love of the subject and long and dedicated involvement is clear in every chapter.” Robin Taylor, Amazon Reviewer

“As someone who does not know a great deal about the runes, I was very impressed with how approachable this book is compared to other’s I have seen. Written in a clear concise and very readable style, the book packed (for me) just the right blend of facts, background history and information, useful tips like how to chant the runes, and interesting interpretations and verbal illustrations to bring a greater depth and richness of understanding to each rune.” D.R. Kantaris, Amazon Reviewer

“This is, above all, a practical, hands-on guide for the complete beginner. After a brief introduction to the history of the Runes, the book explains each of the elder Futhark Runes in turn before moving on to practical advice on how to use them in galdr (magic) and casting (divination).” C.A. Smith, Amazon Reviewer

“Gerrard’s book renders the process of learning about the runes, in their many forms, effortless and hugely pleasurable.” BeverleyS, Amazon Reviewer

“We have all been waiting for a decently researched book on the esoteric side of the runes. Finally, here is one that does not seek to invent a mysterious system and call it “tradition”. The author is honest about her research, making a clear distinction between modern usage and the old sources. She uses this knowledge as a firm foundation upon which to explore techniques from a variety of sources.” S. Plowright, Amazon Reviewer

“I absolutely love the author’s “voice”, her writing style, as she talks the reader through the story of Odin’s sacrifice on the tree. She presents a concise (at times a little too concise) picture of Norse cosmology and gives a clear view of the runes and their meanings.” HB Pattskyn, Amazon Reviewer

odin_gatewaysOdin’s Gateways

By Katie Gerrard

RRP £12.99
Purchase your copy now, with free postage & packaging:

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