God is Not Alone: Our Mother-The Holy Spirit

God is Not Alone
Our Mother – The Holy Spirit

by Marianne Widmalm

448 pages

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This book is out of print, copies might still be available from Amazon UK / Amazon USA and other outlets.

God is Not Alone will challenge your views of what you thought you knew about the Bible and Christianity. It is a wide-ranging scholarly exposition on the divine feminine, drawing on numerous ancient Christian and pre-Christian texts to deliver its central message: that throughout Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, God is not alone, but is accompanied by a Mother-Goddess, the Holy Spirit, personified as Wisdom.

While examining the roots of the divine feminine, the book tackles many aspects of femininity throughout the Bible, beginning with a new interpretation of the creation story where men are made in the image of God and women of His Wife. It is who She is that this book is ultimately about.  The author, Marianne Widmalm, clearly illustrates the original feminine nature of the Holy Spirit, lost in translation from the Hebrew texts. By demonstrating the influence of the early Canaanites, Mary Magdalene, the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit and the role of women in the development of the Church in the first centuries, the author weaves together disparate texts that point us back to the goddess Asherah, and how she is one and the same as the Holy Spirit and Wisdom personified. The survival of the divine feminine is also shown through the Kabbalah and Apocryphal texts that drew from the Wisdom texts in the Hebrew Scriptures. Most significantly, according to numerous early church fathers, Jesus himself called the Holy Spirit as his “Mother” in, what the  author argues, could be the first written Gospel.

Additionally, the author explores key doctrinal issues faced by the early Church Fathers such as baptism with oil representing the Holy Spirit; the original role of women as deaconesses; as well as the development of the concept of the Trinity. This idea that God is three-in-one provides a key frame for understanding the marginalisation of the divine feminine. Step by step, assertions of sexism in the Bible are stripped away and the reader is returned to the original divine balance of the feminine and masculine that was lost through centuries of church doctrine and translations from Hebrew and Aramaic, to Greek and English.

This provocative work is essential reading for anyone interested in first century Christianity as well as Judaism, the early Hebrews, Biblical research, Goddess Spirituality, the origins of Gnosticism, and the theological role and true nature of the Holy Spirit.

This book is out of print, copies might still be available from Amazon UK / Amazon USA and other outlets.

 About the Author:
 Marianne Widmalm grew up in Tranås, Sweden during a time when the country was transitioning from a historically Christian culture to an intensely secular one. She had a spiritual experience at age seven because of an evening prayer which solidified her faith. However, due to the heavy atheistic climate she kept it to herself. In her twenties she moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where she found a Church in Detroit with a service unlike anything she had experienced before, along with opportunities to study the Bible. As a single mother she raised twins while attending the University of Michigan where she received a B.A. in International Politics and Religion and an M.A. in Near Eastern Studies with a focus on Ancient Israel and the Hebrew Bible. During the last year of Graduate School while working on a paper another reading of a significant Hebrew word came to her. This in turn led her to a new interpretation of some crucial lines in the creation account. She wrote an article about it called “God’s Wife” that was published by the late Professor Noel Freedman in his journal, “The Biblical Historian,” February 2005. Having more to share and wanting to reach a wider audience Marianne went on to write this book God is Not Alone which is built on that thesis. 

This book is out of print, copies might still be available from Amazon UK / Amazon USA and other outlets.