Living Theurgy

cover_livingtheurgy_draft_xLiving Theurgy

A Course in Iamblichus’ Philosophy, Theology and Theurgy

By Jeffrey S. Kupperman

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“Philosophy is purifying, religion illuminating, but theurgy is uplifting.”Jeffrey Kupperman

Living Theurgy is a masterpiece combining scholarly excellence with lucid practicality. Theurgy (‘god-working’) is a combination of ritual mystical practices interwoven with philosophy and theology. It was developed by Iamblichus and other Neoplatonists inspired by the works of philosophers including Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras, and Julian the Chaldean.

Author and scholar Jeffrey Kupperman elucidates and makes accessible the core ideologies and practices of Theurgy, which evolved through more than 1000 years of Platonic philosophy and cultural transformations.  Kupperman guides the reader through the contemplative and theurgical practices used by the Neoplatonists to create effective spiritual transformation in the practitioner.

Philosophia (Philosophy) as the foundation of Theurgy is explored through techniques such as lectio divina (‘divine reading’) contemplation and visualisation. It focuses on discussion of key concepts including virtue, wisdom, bravery, temperance, justice, evil, political philosophy, beauty and love.

Theologia (Theology) considers the One, also known as the Good, which is the source of all, through the spectrum of monotheism, polytheism and panentheism.  It also explores different views regarding the nature and functions of the Demiurge, angels and daimons, and the human soul, and the practices of Theurgy, including the use of hymns and prayers.

Theourgia (Theurgy) focuses on the practices, from purification and the use of signs, symbols and tokens to talismancy and the ensouling of eikons (divine images).  The work concludes with a complete guide to the Invocation of the Personal Daimon, an essential step in the theurgic process of purification and illumination in seeking the Divine.

Living Theurgy is a literary psychopomp for practitioners seeking effective methods of developing their knowledge and relationship with the divine through Neoplatonic praxis.  It is essential reading for all those interested in traditional forms of magical, philosophical, and religious practice, and the history of the western mysteries.


About the Author: Jeffrey S. Kupperman

Jeffrey S. Kupperman is the founder and publisher of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. He has an M.A. in religious studies from Lancaster University and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Liverpool Hope University/University of Liverpool, and has been teaching religious studies, philosophy, and anthropology at the college level for nine years. In addition to Platonism and theurgy, he has studied western esotericism for 20 years, including traditional and hermetic Kabbalah.
Living in Wisconsin, USA with his wife and two children, he also writes icons (the fancy term for painting them) and makes rosaries and pocket watch chains (and rosary pocket watch chains). He is a practitioner, and occasional instructor, of Kosho ryu kempo. He may or may not have sprung from his mother’s head fully armed and armoured.


“Philosophy is purifying, religion illuminating, but theurgy is uplifting. Together these observances enable the practitioner to rise above their mortal life to participate in immortal life. For Iamblichus and Proclus and Ficino, it is inappropriate to consider them simply philosophers or simply theurgists. These two elements are so interwoven as to lose distinction. One element can no more be removed from the other while keeping either intact than a person can survive without their heart or a heart can survive without its person. This is living theurgy.”  ~ Jeffrey S. Kupperman in Living Theurgy

New: Order your copy now:
RRP £14.99 Paperback, 282 pp,  with free P&P (worldwide).

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A Brief Survey Of Five Important Neoplatonists


A Living Philosophy


On Evil

Political Philosophy



First Principles – The One

The Spiritual And Natural Realms

The Demiurge

The Greater Kinds, The Gods, And Theology

The Greater Kinds, Continued

The Human Soul


On Theurgy

Medicine, Talismancy, And The Pneumatic Vehicle

Animated Statues & Divine Possession

The Invocation Of The Personal Daimon

An Apophatic Theoria

Guide To Pronouncing Hieratic Names





cover_livingtheurgy_draft_xLiving Theurgy

A Course in Iamblichus’ Philosophy, Theology and Theurgy

By Jeffrey S. Kupperman

Order your copy now:
RRP £14.99, Paperback, 282 pp, with free P&P (worldwide).

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