AMETH: The Life & Times of Doreen Valiente


The Life and Times of Doreen Valiente
by Jonathan Tapsell

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 “Within Doreen’s teachings, one feels she is conveying a message to all, of a gateway to the Goddess and personal enlightenment”  – Jonathan Tapsell

AMETH is the first definitive biography of Doreen Valiente (1922 – 1999), an English Witch who became known as ‘the Mother of Modern Witchcraft’.  Based on the author’s work collating her artefacts, interviewing people who knew her, reading and researching numerous personal magical documents and correspondence bequeathed by Doreen, this book gives unparalleled insight into her magical life.

Evocatively recreating the atmosphere of post-1951 British Witchcraft, following the repeal of the Witchcraft Act, the author explores Doreen’s magical journey- including her initiation and relationship with Gerald Gardner. The reader is guided on a journey from the 1950’s through to the early 1970’s as she worked and interacted with Charles Cardell and the Coven of Atho, Robert Cochrane and the Clan of Tubal Cain, as well as the Regency coven.

Ameth chronicles the whole of Doreen Valiente’s colourful and varied life. It emphasises her fight to establish Pagan rights, and her subsequent role as one of the leading spokespersons for the Pagan revival from the 1960s until her death in 1999. Through her own published books and her contribution to the work of Janet and Stewart Farrar, she reinforced her position as one of the most significant and influential priestesses of the twentieth century. Her research to find Dorothy Clutterbuck  may have saved the credibility of modern Witchcraft, and took her towards what was arguably the height of her achievements, her contribution to the foundations of the rapidly growing religion of Wicca.

As an author, priestess, researcher and pagan spokeswoman, Doreen Valiente occupied a unique position in leading the resurgence of magic, perhaps best exemplified by her creation of the Wiccan Rede – “an it harm none, do what ye will”. Possessed of a fiery spirit and willingness to challenge dogma in her search for truth (the meaning of Ameth, her witch name), Doreen’s tireless quest serves as an example of the power of the human spirit to accomplish transformation on a major scale.

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Paperback, 130pp, £12.99 with FREE P&P (worldwide)
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Extract …

“At this rite Gardner and Dafo gave their new initiate a secret Witch-name known only to those within the Craft. Doreen was from then on to be known as – Ameth. Gardner is likely to have said these words taken from his own Book of Shadows: “Hear, ye Mighty Ones, (Ameth) hath been consecrated Priestess and Witch of the Gods.” before asking the Gods to depart. Ameth true to her secret oaths of the Old Religion would neither disclose to either her husband or mother that she was now a fully-fledged Witch.”

“As the ceremony progressed the newly initiated Witch, Doreen, would have been anointed, given wine from a chalice, gently scourged for purification and eventually untied and the blindfold taken away.  At its conclusion she would have been presented with an athame (a witch’s knife), a wand to invoke spirits, a white handled knife, a scourge and a censor for incense. Another magical artefact, belonging to the Witch, was the cords used to bind her during the ceremony. One cord measured nine feet long and was to be used to make magical circles and another cord was used for spells. She was now a member of the coven and only another two degrees stood between her and the title of High Priestess in the art magical…”

About the Author:

Jonathan Tapsell was born in 1964 in Sussex, the last county to  convert to Christianity and only then at the point of the sword. His interests in history and the esoteric led him to be chosen to archive the worlds largest treasury of Witchcraft memorabilia – the Doreen Valiente collection in 1999. The result of Jonathan’s work led to the publication of Doreen’s poetry being published posthumously in ‘Charge of the Goddess’. His own work includes making action films in Asia, educational documentaries for the House of Lords, organising festivals and writing in numerous magazines. As an author he has written several books including one which is considered a minor gonzo classic.


Original Cover Illustration by Rowan Wulfe

Table of Contents:

A Witch Is Born.
Gerald Gardner & The Book Of Shadows.
The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword.
The Changing Times.
From Inside The Circle.
Horned Hunter Of The Night.
The Witches Rune.


The Life and Times of Doreen Valiente
by Jonathan Tapsell

ORDER your copy now !
Paperback, 130pp, £12.99 with FREE P&P (worldwide)

APOLOGY! Errata! We apologise for any confusion caused by the erroneous “(Dafo)” in brackets after the name of Dorothy Clutterbuck on the back-cover of the first copies of this book sent out to customers.  These were obviously two different people.  The error is entirely that of Avalonia, not of the author.

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