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Now Available! The Seven Names of Lamaštu: A Journey through Mesopotamian Magick and Beyond, by Jan Fries

Pre-order soon! Circle for Hekate, An introduction to ritual and devotional practices to the Goddess of the Crossroads, by Sorita d’Este

The Incense Handbook: An A-Z of ingredients and techniques for fragrant and healing enchantments of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, by Julia Maan

Hekate’s Garden: A  guide to natural magic by Sorita d’ESte

Circle of the Sybil, Techniques and experiences of Ritual Trance, Oracles and Prophecy, by Sorita d’Este

Wild & Dark: Invoking the Dark Goddess – a Path towards Liberation, by Vivienne Morgana

Invoking the Horned Goddess – Dancing, Singing and Drumming to the wild heartbeat of the Wildwood Goddess, by S. Corna-Pieter

NEW in 2016:

Buddhafield Dharma - Practicing Buddhism on the LandBuddhafield: Buddhist practice on the land, various contributors ed. Lokabandhu

Epona: Hidden Goddess of the Celts, by P.D. MacKenzie Cook

Finding God in the World: Approaches of the Renaissance Occult Philosophers to the Nature and Value of Matter, by Catherine Noble Beyer

Foundations of Practical Alchemy: Being a Prima in the Paracelsian Arte of Solve et Coagula, by Gary St. Michael Nottingham

Isis: The Eternal Goddess of Egypt and Rome, by Lesley Jackson

Njord and Skadi: A Myth Explored, by Sheena McGrath

The Square and the Circle: the Influences of Freemasonry on Wicca and Paganism, by Payam Nabarz

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