Hekate: Her Sacred Fires is a unique anthology which brought together essays, art, poetry and visions of nearly 50 individuals around the world in 2010, showing how this popular Goddess is experienced today.  It was this project which gave birth to the now yearly Rite of Her Sacred Fires, an annual celebration of the magic and mysteries of Hekate celebrated by thousands of people each year; as well as the Covenant of Hekate, an international community dedicated to the triple-formed Hekate, as Soteira.
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Circle of Fire and Towards the Wiccan Circle will both be withdrawn from sale at the end of April 2017.  Both these books are aimed at individuals interested in exploring Wicca for the first time.  Many people were brought together over the years in friendship and magic because of these two volumes.  In celebration to those years,  you can purchase both volumes for £13.00 (incl.P&P) saving 35%.
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To celebrate the release of Lesley Jackson’s new book ISIS: Eternal Goddess of Egypt and Rome, we are offering readers the opportunity to purchase all three titles by this author for just £36.00, which amounts to a saving of nearly £9.00.

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